We have 26 years of experience in producing Kaziuko brand fried bread sticks. We sell it not only in Lithuania, but also in other countries. Currently, some of the major buyers of our products are companies such as Maxima, UAB, Sanitex, UAB, Palink, UAB and many other companies. We produce products for Vilniaus duona, UAB and Lietuvos kepėjas, UAB with their chosen logo and bread toasting recipe

Our fried bread sticks instead, they are made from bread which is baked specially for this product. We dry bread with grains and we fry thinly sliced ​​crispy bread in the form of chips. We also have fried cubes of dried bread (croutons) for salad. We can produce fried bread sticks for individual orders, according to your own recipe, and with your logo stamped into them. We always strive for the highest quality possible, therefore, we conduct regular laboratory tests. The goods comply with the standards for the production of products applicable in Lithuaniaand are covered by civil liability insurance.

Contacts: +370(5) 2712229 ; +37065288859 e-mail: kaziukoduona@dionizas.lt

Adress: Kanto al. 19A, Pilaitė, Vilnius